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As a proofreader and copy editor in Germany, I work on texts that are intended for an international audience and written by native as well as non-native English speakers from across the globe. Whether they are policymakers, researchers, or academics, I ensure that their ideas are presented clearly, effectively, and professionally.


It’s about what the client wants, not the editor. As a former journalist, I respect the great efforts required to generate a text. My goal is to preserve the author’s voice while applying the needed technical, grammatical, and stylistic conventions so that the audience can focus on the message.


A good reputation is earned through many actions and lost with one. I have built my reputation one project at a time over many years with hundreds of clients. Editing is about details … but more importantly, it’s about reliability. I provide realistic delivery estimates and always meet my deadlines so that my clients can meet theirs.


28 years of experience as a copy editor, proofreader, copywriter, and journalist. Specialize in editing texts of policymakers, researchers, and academics – both native and non-native English speakers – writing for political foundations, think tanks, and business schools 

furlong – noun, fûr′ lông, from 9th century Old English furlang, length of a furrow

The word “furlong” derives from the Old English words furh (furrow) and lang (long) and describes the distance a team of oxen could plow without resting. A furlong is equal to 220 yards (201 m) or 1/8 mile (0.2 km). The unit is seldom used today, with the notable exception of measurements in horse racing.

I came to Berlin in 2003 and established a broad client base working as a proofreader and copy editor for renowned think tanks, foundations, and corporations in Germany and elsewhere. I am grateful to be working on projects that reach a wide audience and influence international affairs and global business practices. But most of all, I enjoy the challenge of attempting to perfect that most imperfect language – one comma at a time.


books ● briefing papers ● business case studies ● conference papers ● course catalogs ● discussion papers ● journal articles ● marketing materials ● research papers ● studies ● style guide development and consultation ● summit publications ● web dossiers ● white papers  

climate finance ● conflict ● corporate social responsibility ● development cooperation and finance ● energy ● environmental policy ● foreign affairs ● governance ● human rights ● management theory and strategy ● migration ● peacebuilding ● security ● statehood ● trade ● transnational cooperation ● urban development

● UN Global Goals Yearbook 2018 (United Nations Publications) 
● How Could This Happen? Managing Errors in Organizations (Palgrave Macmillan)
● Transformation, Politics and Implementation. Smart Implementation in Governance Programs (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
● G7 Elmau Progress Report: Biodiversity (G7 Accountability Working Group)
● CSR Made in Germany (Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs)


Including projects via partnering European agencies


Audi ● BASF ● Bayer ● Bertelsmann Foundation ● Bosch ● Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) ● Deutsche Bank ● Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) ● Deutsche Post DHL ● Deutsche Telekom ● E.ON ● ESMT Berlin ● Federal Chancellery ● Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) ● Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) ● Gebr. Heinemann ● German Development Institute (DIE) ● German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) ● German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) ● Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBS) ● Henkell & Co. Gruppe ● Liebherr ● Lufthansa ● macondo publishing ● MAN ● Miele ● Otto Group ● Siemens ● Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) ● Volkswagen  


Adecco Group ● ACCIONA ● Air France ● Armacell ● Athens International Airport ● Bain & Co. ● BBN Technologies ● Blancpain ● CCC ● Capgemini ● Carrefour ● Danfoss ● Danske Bank Group ● EDF Group ● Eurofinsa ● EY ● Grundfos ● Harvard Business Publishing ● IKEA ● KPMG ● Merck ● MTV ● Nestlé ● Novo Nordisk ● Olympus Nederland ● Philip Morris International ● Philips Electronics ● Sakhalin Energy ● Sanofi ● Sony Ericsson ● 3M ● Toshiba America ● United Nations Publications ● Vaisala ● Volvo ● WWF


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace ● Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) ● Christian Aid ● European Council on Foreign Relations ● Federal Foreign Office (AA) ● Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) ● Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) ● Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) ● Federal Press and Information Office (BPA) ● French Institute of International Relations (Ifri) ● German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) ● German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) ● German Institute of Global and Area Studies ● Green European Foundation ● Institute for International and Strategic Relations (IRIS) ● International Labour Organisation ● Overseas Development Institute ● Peterson Institute for International Economics ● Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) ● RAND Corporation ● Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) ● Royal United Services Institute ● Sciences Po ● Stockholm Environment Institute ● Stockholm International Peace Research Institute ● UNIFEM ● Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy